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What does "Ahavah" Mean?

Ahavah is a word from the Hebrew language that means "to love." It is not one specific type of love, but rather an all-encompassing word for the many types of love we can both give and receive. The motivation behind Ahavah Organic Salon & Spa is love.  All that we do is from a place of love.

We love to serve you, by giving you the most luxurious, healthy, and wellness-centered salon and spa experience you've ever encountered.

We love to take care our our Earth, by using only eco-friendly, low/no-toxin, cruelty free products and methods. For example, we try to use as little plastic as possible, and any plastic we do use is recycled, reused, or made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic (like our haircare and styling product bottles!). Even the wraps we use for colour are washed and reused, and biodegradable. In fact, our recycling gets taken out more often that our garbage. We use low EMF producing styling tools. We use live plants to help purify the indoor air. The list could go on and on...(click here if you really want to know all the ways we are eco-friendly and earthy-healthy!)

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