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Eco-Friendly Ahavah

Let me count the ways... we Love our Earth
  • Ammonia free, cruelty free, no/low toxin, vegan friendly hair colour and lightener (in fact, we have been using the same colour bottles, bowls, and brushes for almost a decade- unheard of with conventional colour full of ammonia!)

  • Cruelty free, no/low toxin, vegan friendly hair care and control products without petroleum products, mineral oils,  plastic-derived silicones or heavy waxes

  • Our hair colour, care, and control products all come in 100% Post-Consumer recycled plastic bottles that can be recycled again!

  • Our nail polishes are 21-Free, non-toxic, made in USA, woman-owned

  • Low EMF producing hair tools

  • Energy-Efficient LED lighting

  • Far-Infrared heat processing for hair colour & treatments

  • We also offer body-heat only colour and treatment processing, which is a great way to help reduce electricity usage, as well as being a great option for sensitive scalps

  • Re-usable, recyclable, and biodegradable wraps for colour services

  • Printed materials are kept to a minimum, and when needed, we use only recycled paper

  • Organic, clean, plant-based, cruelty free products are used in our facials and massages

  • We partner with other local small businesses whenever possible, keeping our shipping costs and carbon footprint at a minimum

  • We re-use and recycle so much that our garbage gets taken out once a week (or even two weeks), and our recycling is taken out multiple times a week

  • We use plastic-free laundry detergent and dryer balls (instead of plastic coating dryer sheets)

  • Only plant-based or essential oil based "house cleaning" products are used to clean all the high-touch areas in the salon and spa; hospital grade disinfectants are used in the appropriate areas as per guidelines

  • We recycle all foils used in hair colour services

  • We recycle hair clippings to they can be used to soak up oil spills

  • We compost anything that can be composted so that we are as close to waste-free as possible

Can you think of any other ways we could improve? Let us know! "When you know better, you do better" is one motto we live by! Thank you!

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